Firsthand Experience… and I work here!

After 27 years in the Dental Biz (orthodontics & general dentistry & oral surgery), I am now experiencing “up close & personal” what modern oral surgery and dentistry have to offer a 50-something midlife mama who has lost multiple teeth just over the last three years due to fracture, dry mouth-induced decay, and heredity.

I am in the process of getting implants and crowns to restore the function and appearance of my teeth.  I am excited about this adventure! My bite will be back to normal, the crowns will be bright and natural-looking, and I won’t have to worry about the boneloss and shrinkage that caused people my age in generations past look old before their time. This mama is NOT goin’ there anytime soon!

So stay tuned for future episodes of Corinne Gets a New Bite! And feel free to ask me personally how I feel about the process :).

🙂 Corinne Nicole Spranger, Treatment Coordinator, Kirkland Office