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Firsthand Experience… and I work here!

After 27 years in the Dental Biz (orthodontics & general dentistry & oral surgery), I am now experiencing “up close & personal” what modern oral surgery and dentistry have to offer a 50-something midlife mama who has lost multiple teeth just over the last three years due to fracture, dry mouth-induced decay, and heredity. I am […]

Patient Testimonial

— “Medicine is many things. But in the hands of skilled, caring experts, in can be near miraculous. I just had three wisdom teeth pulled. I have feared this for about 18 years. Recently, one of them cracked open and the nerve was exposed. I couldn’t put it off any longer. On my first visit […]

” There was no discomfort at all. The procedure was pain-free and fast. There was no discomfort afterwards, whatsoever. My new teeth feel like a natural part of me. They also make me feel and act more naturally again– smiling with confidence, chewing on both sides like normal. I can definately recommend this to others. […]

“Thank You” from a patient

“Your office was so kind to me in a huge time of need. I can’t thank you enough for what you all did for me. I would love to stay in touch. Thank You!!  Blessings to you all.” Jennie This note was from a sweet patient who has some physical disabilities. Her taxi dropped her […]