Post Operative Care Instructions Following Oral Surgery

proper care following oral surgery procedures will hasten recovery and prevent complications.


Minimize strenuous activities for 24—72 hours after surgery.


Remove the gauze from mouth 1 hour after getting home and before drinking or

eating. A small amount of bleeding is normal on the first day and night.


After surgery, liquids are acceptable when desired. Allow for the numbness to

cease before beginning solid foods. The day after surgery, eat as desired and

tolerated. Encourage clear fluid intake, initially, then progress to soft foods.

Smoking, spitting and usage of straws will increase the risk of painful osteitis or

dry sockets, which will delay healing.


It is normal to have swelling of the face after surgery. Use ice packs (ice in

plastic Ziploc bags covered with a towel) for 3 days after surgery. It is important

to place the ice pack on the outside of the face, alternating sides, 15 minutes on

15 minutes off. On the fourth day after surgery, switch to a warm moist towel

compress. Usually the largest amount of swelling occurs on the third day after



Tomorrow rinse mouth gently every 3-4 hours (especially

after meals) using 1/4 teaspoon of salt or baking soda to a glass of warm water.

Continue rinses for several days. Teeth may be brushed the day after surgery,

stay one tooth away from surgery sites. Toothpaste may be used but avoid

mouthwashes containing alcohol.


Small bone fragments may work through the gums during healing. These are not

roots. Please contact the office to have your surgeon evaluate them if they occur.


Pain medications and antibiotics can cause nausea. Take medications with an

adequate amount of soft food to help prevent nausea. Classic Coke and clear

carbonated liquids are helpful in preventing nausea. If nausea still continues,

discontinue narcotic pain medications. Substitute with Ibuprofen. Discontinue

antibiotics only if your surgeon recommends this.


Use narcotic pain prescription only if needed. Substitute or use in conjunction

with 600 mg of Ibuprofen every 6 hours


Dissolvable sutures will dissolve on their own in 7-10 days. Sutures may

become loose, irritating or may come out. This is usually not significant. Any

questions or concerns please feel free to contact the office.


Numbness from the injection site should wear off in 2-8 hours after

surgery. If any symptoms occur which you feel are unusual or are concerning

you, please call at once.

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